DeFi Project Audits are a Must for Scaling the Industry

  1. Unawareness of a security audit’s value
  2. The time required for auditing
  3. The (perceived) lack of time to read and implement the recommendations of detailed audit reports.
  • Experience gained from effectively completed blockchain projects
  • Expertise in drawing up smart contracts
  • Knowledgeable in-house IT specialists
  • Rigorous security standards.
  1. Consistency check between the functionality of the contract and its description in the whitepaper and other supportive docs (like smart contract specifications). We also conduct an undocumented features check;
  2. Review against the standard list of vulnerabilities;
  3. Symbolic analysis of potential weak spots;
  4. Static analysis by automated tools;
  5. Manual code and code quality review;
  6. Gas usage analysis;
  7. Check of unit tests coverage;
  8. Report preparation.



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Igor Stadnyk

Igor Stadnyk


Founder and CEO of INC4, I help fintech firms create blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions.